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Family Advocates

IMG_1576The Family Advocates are available to work with all families in the program. They:
– identify and access the services that will build upon the individual strenghts of families.
– work with individual families to identify employment and education opportunities.
– provide transportaion, if needed, to community agencies.
– make home visit to assure continuity of services offered to families.
– work with families on an ongoing basis to assure participation in the program and in the community.


Parents are an integral part of our program and its success depends upon their active participation in it. Their knowledge, time and talent contribute to this effort.

All Y.M. & Y.W.H.A. of Williamsburg parents are members of the Policy Council.

They elect their own officers.

They are involved in agency decisions.

They attend all meetings.

They encourage parents to participate in parent meetings.

They come early to help set up for meetings, make coffee, etc.

They plan their own training and activities for the meeting.

They plan your child’s center field trips and special events for you and your family.


As a Y.M. & Y.W.H.A. of Williamsburg parent you now have the opportunity to be part of an exciting program which involves you and your family.

The success of the program depends upon active participation of parents and others in the community. Your knowledge, time and talent can all contribute to this effort.