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Health Services

The mission of this program is to encourage and instill lifelong healthy habits in children and families.

The Williamsburg Head Start ensures that all enrolled children receive timely immunizations, screenings and health examinations.

This Head Start helps children and families access high quality, free health services in the community.

Children are screened by professionals within the first 45 days of their enrollment so if any problems are discovered they can be quickly addressed. Children learn about healthy living; they learn about good nutrition and have fun with cooking activities.

Children are provided with three healthy, nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) on a daily basis, which include breads and other grain products, vegetables, fruits, meat and meat alternates, and milk and milk products. Our dietitian meets with staff and parents to discuss good nutrition and special concerns for individual children.


Head Start accommodates children with special needs. A special needs child is one who has an intellectual, emotional/social or physical problem and who requires special education and related services.

Children with special needs receive all the regular services of Head Starts. They participate in all classroom activities. Special services they require are determined on an individual basis.